Cultural Alignment — The Key to Successful Mergers & Acquisitions

But M&A’s aren’t all sunshine and rainbows

Setting up your organization for success post-merger

  • What most M&A deals overlook
  • The importance of focusing on people and culture
  • How leaders can guide by example
  • How to take a people-centered approach to M&A’s
  • And key ways that you can support your post-merger workforce

What most M&A deals overlook

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld M&A Quote

How leaders can guide the integration process

Taking a people-centered approach to M&A’s

Sift people-centered approach to M&As

Practice empathy

Focus on culture

  1. What are the core values that drive your organization?
  2. What needs to be true in order for your teams to work effectively together?
  3. How do departments collaborate?
  4. How are decisions made by leadership?
  5. What are your management practices?
  6. What is your performance management system?
  7. Etc.

Talk to your people

Communicate often and well

How to support your post-merger workforce

3 key ways to support your post merger workforce

Equip individual teams

Create a people plan

Help new coworkers find each other

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