Hybrid Work Culture — It’s about Rebuilding not Maintaining

Don’t overlook culture

  • Why you should go beyond maintaining culture
  • How to evaluate your culture
  • The start, stop, continue framework
  • Best practices for sustaining a successful hybrid work culture

Going beyond maintaining culture

Identify your stops, starts, and continues

  • What are the core values that drive our organization?
  • What needs to be true in order for our teams to work effectively?
  • How do our departments collaborate?
  • How are decisions made by our leadership team?
  • What are our management practices?
  • Etc.
  1. Start — behaviors that you should start doing to improve processes. Is there a new work process that you should implement? New tools you should start using?
  2. Stop — behaviors that you should stop doing because they’re inefficient or counterproductive. Is there a work style that’s causing conflict? Or a tool that’s hurting rather than helping your productivity?
  3. Continue — behaviors that you should continue doing because they have a net positive impact. Are these behaviors part of your core processes yet?

3 essentials to sustaining a hybrid work culture

Utilize a remote-first lens

Emphasize (and exhibit) your core values

Prioritize high-touch communication

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