Key Takeaways from Hybrid Work Roundtable — How to Plan for an Ambiguous Work World

  • The main challenges that come with managing hybrid workforces
  • How HR & IT leaders can plan for these challenges and how they’re listening to employees to drive their strategies
  • How to facilitate communication and collaboration in your hybrid workforce
  • The role of technology in building a sustainable hybrid work model

Takeaway #1: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to hybrid work

Takeaway #2: Watch out for potential blindspots around the employee experience

Takeaway #3: As many challenges that hybrid work presents, there are just as many opportunities

  1. Leveling the playing field in terms of remote vs. in-person onboarding
  2. Greater opportunity to build more intentional communities
  3. Saving on time and resources

Takeaway #4: Let your strategy inform your technology, not the other way around

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